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Terms & Conditions - Rental Bikes

You agree to rent the vehicle (the "rental") and comply with the terms and conditions, both printed and written below (the "Agreement") and pay all fees and charges due under this Agreement, even if you did not specifically authorise the charges. This Agreement is between the person signing this Agreement ("you", "your" or "renter") and the rental motorcycle company trading as doing business as SFA Motorcycle Rentals ("us", "we", "Company" or "SFA Motorcycle Rentals.").

The renter also refers to any additional Authorised Driver. All Authorised Drivers are jointly and separately liable for the obligations under this Agreement.

Local Use

Motorcycles are rented for local city use unless otherwise agreed.

Outstation Use

All inter-state taxes, permit fee and any other levies will be paid by the renter.
Service Tax/VAT will be as applicable. Any other taxes levied by the govt. will be charged extra.

Authorised Drivers

The vehicle may be driven only by an Authorised Driver. An Authorised Driver is you and any additional person who appears at the time of rental and signs this Agreement.
All Authorised Drivers warrant that they satisfy the age requirements, have a valid driver's licence and fulfil our other qualifications mentioned below.
Delivery & Collection charge (within city limits) one way will be charged at
INR 150/- for motorcycle upto 220cc
INR 250/- for motorcycle above 220cc
Delivery & Collection charge (beyond city limits) one way will be charged at
INR 200- for motorcycle upto 220cc
INR 300/- for motorcycle above 220cc

Computation of Charges ( Authorised Drivers )

All Authorised Drivers reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance.
Minimum age of renter and/or Authorised Driver must be 18 years.
Renter and/or Authorised Driver must carry valid passport (In case of a foreign National).
Renter and/or Authorised Driver must possess a valid national/ international driving license.
Cost of fuel/ oil is to be borne by the renter and is not included in the rental rates. The motorcycle will be supplied with atleast one litre of fuel, and is to be returned with the same quantity of fuel. Alternatively, cost of fuel plus 10% service charges are applicable.
Minimum period of rental is 1 day which is defined as a 24 hour period from the time the rental starts.
Extra hour charges (Rs.100 upto 220cc & 200 for 220cc+) apply for up to 3 additional hrs., thereafter full day rate will be applicable.
All inter-state taxes, permit fees and any other levies will be charged to the renter at actuals.


All motorcycles carry comprehensive insurance. All claims to be settled as per Indian insurance laws.
The renter also undertakes to fill and sign the Company's Accident Reporting form as applicable.
The renter shall ensure that in case of accidents/legal cases, he/she will make himself/ herself available for settlement of such cases. The renter shall keep the Company, its directors and employees indemnified against all consequences, claims and demands that may arise as a result of injury/suffering by any accident or any other event caused by the renter.


The vehicle must never be removed from place of accident until police report has been completed and the Company has been notified.
In case of any accident with your rental you must immediately contact the nearest police station and make an FIR/accident report.
If you do not report accident to the police and do not comply with the requirements under the laws of India, insurance may become invalid & you could be liable for legal proceedings under the laws of India.
It is essential that you also report any accident or damage to the Company.
In case of other damages to the vehicle, the above procedure should also be followed. If the vehicle is damaged while parked, you have to report the damage to the Company and This may result in a charge to the client .
It is mandatory for the renter to file a police report in case of theft and to turn this document in to the Company
Any unnoticed accident or damage to the vehicle may be interpreted as negligence. This may result in a charge to the client.
In case of Accident or Theft the renter bears the cost of retrieving the vehicle from RTO, Police Station, Court or any other competent authority and also the cost of restoring the vechicle in its original condition. The renter also agrees to pay the rental for the entire period lost in retreiving and restoring the vehicle.The amount is to be paid in full and immediately.
All vehicles are provided with two or more locks. It is the responsibility of the renter to apply all these locks and park the vehicles safely even it is just for a couple of minutes. In case of theft the amount equivalent to the current market value of the vehicle has to be paid in full by the renter.
In case of an accident the renter agrees to take the responsibiltiy of any injury/suffering/death caused either to himself or anyother person and the renter agrees to keep the Company, its directors and employees indemnified against all consequences, claims and demands that may arise due to the accident

General Provisions for Renter and / or Authorised Drivers

You or any Authorised Driver may be held legally responsible for any charges and/or litigation resulting from vehicle misuse.
Renter and/or Authorised Driver must inform the Company specifically where the renter intends to drive, especially if driving out of the State.
You will return the vehicle to the renting location on the date and time agreed to at the time of rental, or sooner if we request, in the same condition as when you received it. If you fail to return the vehicle, at the date, time and location agreed to at the time of rental, we reserve the right to notify the appropriate authorities that the vehicle is stolen or missing. Further, you are responsible for the vehicle until we have inspected and accepted it, including any vehicle returned at a time and location other than required by this Agreement.

Prohibited use of the vehicle Neither you nor any Authorised Driver may

Permit the use of the vehicle by anyone other than you or an Authorised Driver.
Intentionally destroy, damage or aid in the theft of the vehicle.
Engage in any wilful or wanton misconduct, which, among other things, may include reckless conduct such as: the failure to use helmets(Both pillion and rider), leaving the two wheeler and failing to remove the keys etc.

Use or permit the use of the vehicle by anyone

While legally intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other absorbed elements which may adversely affect a person's ability to drive safely
For any purpose that could properly be charged as a crime, such as the illegal transportation of persons or drugs
To tow or push anything
In a speed test, speed contest, race, rally, speed endurance contest or demonstration
In driver training activity
To carry persons or property for hire (i.e. for a charge or fee)
If the vehicle has been obtained from the Company by fraud or misrepresentation; and
To carry hazardous materials, explosives, biologically active materials that are hazardous to human health or radioactive material.

Any use of the vehicle in a manner prohibited above will constitute a breach of this Agreement, making you responsible to the fullest extent permitted by law, for the actual and consequential damages to the Company caused by the breach, together with the Company's related costs and attorney's fees.

Terms and Conditions to be complied by the renter in respect of both Chauffeur Driven vehicles and/or Authorised Drivers

The Vehicle

You guarantee that the vehicle will be operated as required by this Agreement. You must return the vehicle in the same condition you have received it.
You acquire no title to the vehicle and no one, other than us, may transfer it.
We make no express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness of the vehicle for any particular purpose. In no event shall we be liable to you for any indirect, special or consequential damages related directly or indirectly to any breach by us of this Agreement.

Payment Terms

Payments to be made in cash.
All payments should be in favour of ' SFA Motorcycle Rentals'
All bills are payable immediately upon submission.
Service Tax will be as applicable, currently 12.24% in India. Any other taxes levied by the govt. will be charged extra.

Settlement of Dispute

Any disputes and differences arising out of or relating to this contract including interpretation of its terms, will be resolved through joint discussion of the authorised representatives of the concerned Parties. However, if the disputes are not resolved by joint discussions, then the matter will be referred for arbitration of a person appointed by the Parties. The Arbitration shall be conducted in Trichy in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties. The entire cost of arbitration proceedings including the professional fees and other incidental expenses payable to the Arbitrator shall be borne equally by both parties. All proceedings in any such arbitration shall be conducted in English. When such dispute is under arbitration, except for the matters under dispute, the parties shall continue to exercise their remaining respective rights and fulfil their remaining respective obligations under this Agreement.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement and any matters relating to this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and the Courts at Trichy shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


Rental Period Rate Per Day (INR)
Less than 100cc Upto 100cc 101cc-125cc 126cc-150cc 151cc-200cc 201cc-250cc 251cc-350cc 351cc-500cc
Day's Rental 300 350 400 450 500 600 750 1000
7 Days and above Rental 250 300 350 400 450 550 700 900
30 Days and above Rental 150 200 225 250 275 300 500 750


Government Taxes as applicable
All Toll, Interstate Permits & Parking charges etc payable by Renter
All the payment made are non refundable.
All the charges are fixed and bargaining is strictly not entertained
Minimum age requirement is 18 years
Renter to possess a Valid Indian/International Driving License
Foreign Nationals to produce Passport at time of Rental-Photocopy of Passport will be taken
All payments to be by cash
Cost of Fuel to be borne by Renter
Bike will be supplied with a fuel above reserve mark and should be returned in the same condition
Refuelling charges, if any, will have a 10% surcharge
We reserve the right to refuse rental and to conduct security check before renting vehicle
All Rates are on a per day basis
Delivery & Collection: Available on request